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16 Inexpensive Tips To Indulge The 5 Senses On Valentines Day

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

I love Valentine's Day. It's a yearly reminder to those with busy lives to take some time out and show their loved one how much they care about them. It's also a wonderful excuse to indulge all our 5 senses which a long winter may have dulled.

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By approaching it from a multi-sensory point of view, you can take it up a level and create an interesting and intimate shared experience. After all, falling in love is often a heightened sensory experience....At it's simplest, begin and end your Valentine's Day celebrations with kindness, affection, and love toward one another.

And if you want to do something extra, here are my easy, inexpensive tips for tickling the 5 senses:


1. Set the tone of the evening with the right lighting. Use either fairy lights or candles to create that intimate, relaxing atmosphere.

2. Add a bit of sparkle. In dim light, flickers of colours or reflections can be magical and convey an other-worldly quality. Use a glass/mirrored or reflective surface to place candles or table centre-piece on. Floating candles also work well.

3. Use an exciting alternative to standard table flowers, by putting flowering hibiscus heads in your Rose/ Prusecco/ Champagne. For the non-alcohol drinkers, try gorgeous flowering green-teas.

4. Create a soft, sensuous look by sprinkling petals or draping richly coloured materials over the chairs.

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5. Creating the right musical atmosphere will instantly create the right mood. When it comes to love, you can't beat the classics: classical piano or strings, or some lilting jazz such as Ella Fitzgerald.

6. Try an ambient soundscape instead of music, such as 'out in nature','by the seaside',or even a 'busy restaurant' to add a fun twist to the dinner.

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7. Dont wear too much perfume/cologne, it can be over-powering and influence the taste of any food and drinks you consume, lessening the experience.

8. Lightly fragrance a room with citrussy scented candles, bouquet of flowers such a tulips or even a warm chocolate fountain to get the mouth watering...

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9. Eat food you both enjoy but doesn't leave a lingering taste. Food is entirely down to personal preference, but onion rings or garlic bread may overpower any delicious desserts you'll be having.

10. Check out the amazing selection of aphrodisiac foods associated with Valentine's Day and try something new:

asparagus, fennel, celery, pine nuts or saffron in mains/starters. Or chocolate and berries, spiced dark chocolate,watermelon, vanilla, pomegranate and figs for dessert.

11. Have a course that involves something dipped: bread sticks cheese fondue, Asparagus into soft boiled eggs, strawberries in chocolate. Perfect to bring you closer together.

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12. Boost the thermostat. It's cold in February; being relaxed and happy means being warm.

13. Wear something that is both comfortable and makes you feel great. Getting blisters from tight shoes, or purple blotchy skin from skimpy outfits in cold weather will just be distracting.

14. Have a go at making some dessert cocktails, for that sweet, yet warming and tingly sensation after each sip.

Sweet Valentines gift ideas image

15. Play some getting to know each other games. No matter how long you have known someone, there will always be something to learn about them if you ask the right questions. Here are 20 suggested questions especially for date night.

16. Buy/make each other a gift for each of the senses. This provides some focus for gift giving and can be so much more personal than a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers.

These are just a few ideas to make the day that little bit more special and help create a multi-dimensional sensorial adventure. If you have any ideas you think work really well on Valentine's Day, let us know in the comments section below.


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