It is difficult to change the world, but it isn’t difficult to change how you engage with it. Out there are a thousand different sensory experiences waiting to be discovered. The joyous parping snore of a sleeping Dormouse, the spicy hit of chilli in dark chocolate, the system-wide shockwave of diving into a icy lake. 


Sensorama is the place for everything and anything which pokes at your senses and reminds you that you are alive. 


The Sensorama blog and associated shenanigans are the creation of Mackensie [Macs for short] and Oliver; early years experience and travel junkies now settled in London and hunting out ways to keep the grey at bay. 

We are in search of the ultimate experiences for the senses. Discover the best ways to make your mind expand, fingers tingle, eyes widen, nostrils flair, mouth water, and ears prick.

a little about sensorama

The origin of our senses obsession comes from Macs’ unique way of viewing the world. Through a magical combination of nature and nurture, Macs’ every sense was set to ‘heightened’ from as early as she can remember - which given how fluidly every little thing imprints on her memory, is very early. As a result, the world is an amazingly colour-laden, tactile, noisy, smelly and tasty place; a sensory cocohoney which is equal parts invigorating, frightening and exhausting.


This makes Macs particularly sensitive to her environment and those around her. She may well be a miracle of science, but she has never been close enough to a doctor to find out. 

Oliver, in comparison, is pretty much a sensory dullard. Colour-blind, slightly short-sighted and able to ignore a car alarm sounding off for over 10 minutes (seriously, will someone switch off that car alarm), Oliver is on the hunt for anything which will interrogate his senses and remind him that the outside world exists.


His search for the next big adrenaline hit would have made him a great extreme sports enthusiast had he not been quite so nervous about heights and skeptical of anything fun which takes place on snow.


Together we created Sensorama as a joyous space to revel in the colourful sensations and connections which makes the planet such an intriguing place to live. So if you like travel, adventure, a little science-stuff, some psychology, reviews and cute pictures of kittens then please stick around. 

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